All progressive organizations are born from the dreams, creative ideas and leadership of certain dedicated intellectual minds, few years ago a group of professionals with different educational background sat together and began a most ambitious program of philanthropy, something that can contribute towards development and growth of society, thus came Indian College of Education, Indian Institute of Teacher Education, Global Institute of Engineering and Technology (GIT) and Global Public School (CBSE) in existence.

Though diversity starts within the college itself, we look at all our students as one. Providing them with state of art technology, we give them a taste of the outside world and also mentally and physically prepare them to combat in the global arena. We will act as tools to engineer the students and to give them the best education possible. We take it as a pride and pleasure to work with such talented students who will make a better world tomorrow.

Our philosophy on an educational institute is not based just on bricks, mortar and concrete. We believe it is made up of different components such as building character, enriching minds and enriching experiences that lasts a lifetime. We strongly believe that life is not a set of instructions but is a series of experiences and learning process. Likewise engineering is no exception. We believe learning is not just series of instructions but it is a passion that goes beyond books, beyond rules and beyond learning horizons.We have a wide variety and diversity of students here, though from different places and cultures, they are all gathering here with a single-minded focus to succeed in life. Our institutions are the first stepping-stone to what is awaiting them. These institutes take the necessary efforts to engineer the necessary skills, attitudes and aptitudes of each individual student.

  • Mandatory internship in top notch companies.
  • Certified technical training in leading industries
  • In-house production machines for hands-on practical exposure
  • Regular Seminars, Symposia, Workshops & Guest Lectures.
  • Assured Placement Assistance
  • Tie-ups: MoU with Board of Aplirenticeshili and Training (Central Govt.), AIRCEL cellular Ltd.,
  • IIT – Chicago, CSU San Bernardino, USA.
  • GIT is so supportive that even physically challenged are excelling with very high CGPA
  • Affordable fee structure, Bank loan aid and scholarships for meritorious students.
  • Gentlemanship training includes Communication skills, Personality Development, Dress Code and Etiquettes.
  • PRIDE: Being a GLOBALiet…………………..