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B.E Automobile Engineering


The Department of Automobile Engineering has dedicated and qualified faculty members, is equipped with state of art infrastructure in classrooms. To provide the students with in depth understanding of latest automobiles, the Laboratories are well equipped with latest equipments such as modern engines, chassis dynamometer, exhaust gas analyzer, pressure crank angle measurement systems, fuel testing equipments, Conventional and modern auto components and vehicles.

The department is actively involved in teaching and research in the areas of Alternate fuels, Chassis Design, Engine Electronics and related areas and encouraging students to work on innovative projects such as Bio-diesel Research Project and making them to actively engage in search of alternative fuels for IC engines. The department organizes seminars, guest lectures and Industrial visits in addition to the Anna university curriculum to ignite the young minds and to trigger the sparks of automotive engineer with in them. The Department library is equipped with books related to latest automotive technologies.

The Department of Automobile Engineering has the following well equipped laboratories to train the students in the areas of automobile servicing and repair, fault diagnosis of automotive engines,

1. Automotive Electrical & Electronics Lab.
2. Vehicle Maintenance & Re-conditioning lab.
3. Fuels and Lubricants Testing Lab,
4. Two and Three Wheelers Lab.
5. Engine Performance & Emission Testing Lab with Engine data logger
6. Automotive Components Design Lab for modeling and analysis using softwares like Pro/E WF, Catia, Solidworks, Ansys, etc.