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Prasad Educational Trust was formed to cater to the needs of the nation in the development of technocrats and to provide facilities through education to meet the entrepreneur and management needs. The management has created adequate infrastructural facilities and inducted highly qualified staff and is keen on developing the institute as a research centre. The Prasad Educational Trust has kept its promise of corporate social responsibility by giving reduction in tuition fees as well as distributing free books to the needy and poor rural students

All progressive organizations are born from the dreams, creative ideas and leadership of certain dedicated intellectual minds, few years ago a group of professionals with different educational background sat together and began a most ambitious program of philanthropy, something that can contribute towards development and growth of society, thus came Indian College of Education, Indian Institute of Teacher Education, Global Institute of Engineering and Technology (GIT) and Global Public School (CBSE) in existence.

Though diversity starts within the college itself, we look at all our students as one. Providing them with state of art technology, we give them a taste of the outside world and also mentally and physically prepare them to combat in the global arena. We will act as tools to engineer the students and to give them the best education possible. We take it as a pride and pleasure to work with such talented students who will make a better world tomorrow.

Our philosophy on an educational institute is not based just on bricks, mortar and concrete. We believe it is made up of different components such as building character, enriching minds and enriching experiences that lasts a lifetime. We strongly believe that life is not a set of instructions but is a series of experiences and learning process. Likewise engineering is no exception. We believe learning is not just series of instructions but it is a passion that goes beyond books, beyond rules and beyond learning horizons.We have a wide variety and diversity of students here, though from different places and cultures, they are all gathering here with a single-minded focus to succeed in life. Our institutions are the first stepping-stone to what is awaiting them. These institutes take the necessary efforts to engineer the necessary skills, attitudes and aptitudes of each individual student.

Global Institute of Engineering and Technology was started in the year 2009-10 with 4 branches namely Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Electronics and Communication Engineering with an initial intake of 129 students.GIT is spread over a sprawling 20-acre campus and ambient surroundings flanked by the Palar river and Jawadi hills on both sides. The college building is architecturally designed with 1.5 lakh square metres. We believe in providing quality technical education to both urban and rural students from India as well as other countries.

The academic year 2010-11 was initiated with additional batch in Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering (new course) and the strength of the institution grew up to 449. The academic year 2011-12 had to its credit an additional courses of Automobile Engineering  & IT realizing the need for growing industrial outlets in and around the State and the strength of the institution was 900. In the academic year 2013-14 we started two new PG programmes namely M.E Applied Electronics and CAD/ CAM as the new discipline. In the academic year 2014-15, the strength of the college was 1748 with Petroleum engineering and M.E Structural Engineering & Computer Science and Engineering as its new disciplines.In the academic year 2015-16, the strength of the college was 1868 with 8 Under graduate programmes and 4 Post Graduate programmes.We are glad to inform you that our strength has grown leaps and bounds in this zone during the academic year 2016-17 with 1988 and in 2017 to 2018 to 2084. Currently, there are 1500+ students.

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