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Chairman’s message

 chairman’s message


I, Vedula Rama Prasad the chairman of this college would like to start by saying a hearty welcome to my prospective students. We, at Global Institute of Engineering and Technology (GIT) take pride in welcoming you to a new era of engineering. We believe that every student is an individual brimming with knowledge and bubbling with energy. Here at GIT, we not only educate you the basic needs of a degree but also train and mould every individual to prepare them to face global challenges.

Motivation is one of the strongest words i believe in. With motivation, guidance and rationale every student will be blooming and proving the nation of their worthiness.

GIT is about giving students the opportunities to not only educate their minds, but to induce the potential to face the upcoming challenges. I believe this will be an arena for them to learn, be trained and moulded to their finest. We will be giving them the feel of an International experience in India.

 Though diversity starts within the college itself, we look at all our students as one. Providing them with state-of-the-art technology will give them a taste of the outside world, and also mentally and physically prepare them to combat in the global arena.


About Mr. Ram Prasad

A Technocrat with a degree in chemical engineering had rose up the ladder of his profession and had held various posts and assignments in many multinational companies. He had been the driving force behind the Prasad Educational Trust that forayed into various educational Institutions.