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Principal's Message

Dear Alumni

My heart always brims with a lot of pride and joy, whenever I see my students succeeding and progressing in life. You are the one who has been providing a form and shape to all my dreams. Your success both in career and life has added a lot of credibility to Global Institute  of Engineering and Technology claims of a great value system on which this institution was built. Each one of you in your own way has brought pride to your institution.

You are well aware that many like your faculty, industry leaders, motivational speakers, your parents have played a role in shaping up your academic and professional profile. Now the time has come for you as an alumnus of this institution to play a role in shaping up the current and future students of your institution. You are welcome to contribute to the betterment of  academic and professional pursuits in whatever the way you think you can. I am sure that the best and effective among the Alumni Associations of Engineering Colleges.

Praying the Almighty for your prosperity and growth

Principal, GIT