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Duties Of The Office Bearers



The president shall have the general and direct control of the affairs of the association by the provision thereof. The president shall preside over the meetings of the executive committee and general body.


In the absence of the president, the vice president shall preside over the meetings of the executive committee and general body. In the absence of both the office bearers, any other member of the executive committee may be proposed to preside over.


  • The secretary shall be the executive officer of the association.
  • He shall, in consultation with the president and the principal of the college, arrange for the meeting of the association.
  • He should carry out all the correspondence on behalf of the society.
  • He shall prepare circulars for meetings, with the information on the agenda and other information on preparation.
  • The minutes of the general body meetings and the executive committee meetings shall be recorded by the secretary.
  • Whenever the President is not available, the Secretary will discuss with the Vice President and can arrange for a meeting giving prior information suitably.
  • The Secretary shall maintain all the Minute Books, other registers and records and protect them in his custody at the office.
  • The Secretary shall execute the resolutions passed in the General body or in the executive committee meetings.
  • The Secretary will prepare the annual reports, financial statements, receipts etc., and submit them in the general body meeting.
  • For the improvement of the society and the benefits of the administrations, whatever actions are needed, may be taken by the Secretary with the consent of the President and the executive committee.


  • He should assist the Secretary in all respects in the activities of the association.
  • He shall look after the duties of the Secretary in the latter’s absence.


  • The treasurer shall collect the membership fees, subscription, other funds, donations etc. on behalf of the Association and issue the signed original receipts towards the payments.
  • The maintenance of the proper receipts and vouchers for the receipts and expenses should be carried out by the Treasurer.
  • The proper details of the receipts and expenses should be reported at the meetings held from time to time.
  • The Treasurer shall submit the audited annual income and expenditure statement, through the Secretary to the general body.
  • The Treasurer will have a minimum cash amount of Rs. 3000/- with him for the urgent expenses. Any excess money shall be deposited into the association account.


The funds of the Association will be deposited in any nationalized bank / scheduled Bank, and be operated jointly by the President and the Patron on behalf of “GIT Alumni Association Network” (Global Institute of Engineering and Technology). An auditor duly appointed by the general body shall audit the accounts of the association annually.

The Secretary and the Treasurer shall maintain the following properties.

  • Minute Book Register
  • Receipt Books
  • Vouchers and Bills File.